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Happy 50th  Anniversary to SCWA

Fifty years ago In 1963 twelve conservative women decided to form an organization that would bring expert speakers to Spokane to give a penetrating analysis of the important issues. They called themselves the Spokane College Women's Association.

These were active women who had numerous other obligations so they wanted this group to simply provide information.  The luncheon meetings were held at the Spokane Club on the 2nd Tuesday of the fall and spring months. Planning the programs and other duties was carried out by the elected Board of Directors.  All were volunteers.   

Membership required a woman have 2 years of college or the equivalent of such an education.  Dues were $5 and went for speakers.  The first year there were 69 members and In ten years the membership was 180.

The 1960’s was a tumultuous decade. America was in a Cold War with Soviet Russia, Cuba became a Communist nation, civil rights riots were breaking out all over the country, President Kennedy was assassinated, Barry Goldwater was defeated by Lyndon Johnson for President and we entered into the Viet Nam war.  To help the members better understand these events they wanted more in-depth information.  

Father Daniel Lyons, S.J. from Gonzaga helped them find excellent speakers.  Journalist O.J. Parsons, a member of SCWA, reported on all the programs in the local newspapers. Since the beginning SCWA has brought  many distinguished speakers on a wide variety of topics;  some subjects ahead of their time.  

Members have not only become well informed but have made many good friends. A sample of past speakers includes Phyllis Schlafly, authors E. Merrill Root and John McCallum, Rev.Peter Marshall, Governors Booth Gardner, John Spellman and Dixie Lee Ray, State Supreme Court Justice William Goodloe, David Barton, Michael Medved, Dinesh D’Souza, Star Parker, Dr. James Dobson and Rabbi Daniel Lapin. 

The original 12 founders were:  Jeanne Ager, Gene Batten Fallgren, Dodie Brubaker, Margaret Bull, Antoinette "Toni" Derr, Vida Finch, Gen Hanel, Mary Rogers, Mary Anne Sundberg, Fran Uhden, Eila Wendle, and Mary Wilson.  Along with our founders, we owe all the women who gave of their time to serve SCWA a debt of deep gratitude.