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Wednesday, January 27, 2017

Don Jan’s

                “My Grandchildren’s America”

What will the liberal agenda of progressives do to fundamentally transform America?  Has is already happened or is there still hope?

Mr. Jans  outlined the policies of Karl Marx and the insidious plotting and planning of the progressive movement for the past 100 years.

Karl Marx recognized the threat of American freedom and capitalism to his plan of collectivism and communism.

Mr. Jans’ books:  My Grandchildren’s America as well as

Goodbye Constitution Freedom America

are available on Amazon and Kindle.

Don Jans has been a historian for over 40 years.  He speaks with eloquence, passion and clarity.  He sounded a call to arms for us to become involved in the school boards, PTAs and boards of education to save American students from the lies of the progressives.