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Wednesday, October 19th

Dr. Roger Stark

“Our Healthcare Landscape -

Past, Present and Future”

         Dr. Stark’s presentation was illuminating and revealing about our current healthcare situation in the US, how we got here, and what discussions need to take place to correct the problems.

Did you know that until 1943 US citizens were responsible for their own health care costs?  Do you ever think about the massive control that the federal government exerts on our lives by virtue of its intervention into health care?   

We encourage you to investigate Dr. Stark’s writings.  You can access them and much more at WA Policy Center.  

          Dr. Stark is a retired cardiac surgeon and is a health care policy analyst at the Washington Policy Center, one of the largest state-based think tanks in the country.  He is the author of numerous health care studies including “THE IMPACT OF FEDERAL HEALTH CARE REFORM ON WASHINGTON STATE” and the book, THE PATIENT- CENTERED SOLUTION.

        He has testified before Congress on Medicaid, the state health insurance exchanges and CO-OPS in the Affordable Care Act.  

          He has served on the Governing Board of Overlake Hospital  in Bellevue and is the past Chairman of Overlake’s  Foundation Board.  He is a member of many professional organizations and is an active member of the Woodinville Rotary.

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