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Coming for a special luncheon in April 2016!

Laura Skaer

“Strategic and Critical Minerals/Mining –
It Does Affect You”

      Buying a new cell phone or enjoying your shiny new Prius?  Thank the mining industry for making that possible with all the bells and whistles of the latest technology.

    Mining makes your everyday life rock, pun intended!  Back by popular demand, Laura Skaer, Director of American Exploration & Mining Association, will impress you with her 35 years of experience in the mining world, her impact on legislation and regulation concerns, building coalitions with other natural resource industry groups and public land users, and galvanizing  grassroots.

     Ms. Skaer’s sense of humor blends nicely with her riveting talk!  Director since 1996 of AE&MS (formerly Northwest Mining), she has a successful and proven track record, testifying before state and congressional committees, and effectively working strategies with key officials for public policy.