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Due to the horrific wind storm, this presentation was presented in January 2016

“Who Is Responsible For Selling Your Children’s and Grandchildren’s Future:
Common Core for

Tim Benn, activist, childcare business owner, author of legislation that unanimously passed in Olympia, radio talk show co-host, candidate for 3rd Legislative District, and much more. Did you know that parental and grandparents’ rights are in significant jeopardy?  

What will you do if you must get “certified” to be able to take care of your own children, or a grandparent, too?  

Tim Benn is fighting for his own private business every day with his wife, Shannon. Childcare options for families are diminishing at an alarming rate, but due to his efforts, state legislators know why.

He fights for your rights, too, against over-reaching, punitive, and non-accountable government agencies that want to control all children from birth and beyond.

You need to hear what Mr. Benn has to say because our children ARE our future!