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October 28, 2015

Rebecca Taylor

" The Possibilities and Ethics of

Human Genetic Engineering”

Our audience of 60 was spell-bound as Rebecca managed to make a complex issue understandable and riveting.  The ramifications of genetic engineering on future generations cannot be over-stated.

Looking for an edge at your next marathon?  Perhaps you are planning a family and want your child to have certain physical traits emphasized, perhaps more like a favorite celebrity.

Biotechnology can and will be able to do some amazing things, but what are the ethical considerations?  Who will ultimately decide the fairness, morality, and availability of those biotech discoveries?

Rebecca Taylor, MB(ASCP), is a clinical laboratory specialist in molecular biology and has written and spoken about ethics and biotechnology for ten years.

Her commentary is regularly featured in the National Catholic Register. She was awarded First Place at the National Catholic Media Awards in 2014.

Find her blog at   www.MaryMeetsDolly.com/blog