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September 2014

JD (Jeff) King

Alarmism to Absurdity:

The Corrupt, Crazy and Crooked Side of Green”

Jeff is an independent film maker specializing socio-environmental documentaries. His first film, “Crying Wolf”  exposed the fraud and corruption behind the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone.

BLUE is his 2nd film.

BLUE exposes the lies and the myths of the green movement. From the environmental benefit received from human development and prosperity, to the myths of carbon dioxide, global warming, and overpopulation, Blue questions the very foundations of environmentalism and cuts the legs out from underneath the green movement. It also looks at the importance of individual and economic freedom in terms of environmental stewardship, shines a bright light on the United Nations sinister Agenda 21 program, and highlights the importance of understanding its ideas and worldviews. BLUE is a bold stand for truth, mankind, Earth, and freedom.