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September 23 2015

Steve Gorham

“False Foundations of Sustainable Development”

 October 28, 2015

Rebecca Taylor

" The Possibilities and Ethics of Human Genetic Engineering”

** January 27, 2016

Tim Benn

“Who Is Responsible For Selling Your Children’s and Grandchildren’s Future: Common Core for Pre-Schoolers?”

 February 24, 2016

Doug Orr

“Are You At Risk with Cybercrime and Exploitation”

 March 23, 2016

Tim McGreevey

“Washington State’s Role in Feeding the Hungry World”

**April 27, 2017

Laura Skaer

“Strategic and Critical Minerals/Mining –
It Does Affect You”


SCWA Speaker Slate for 2015-16 Season

Distinguished Speaker Series

**Due to a devastating wind storm, there was no meeting in November.  Our November speaker was moved to January, and we added an April luncheon.